Yang, Geun-Young



Ph.D. in Communication Design Eduction, Chiba University 

MA in Information Design, Hanyang University
BA in Industial design, Gwangju University 
2020.07 – present  Research Professor, Design Institute, Inje University
2012.10 – 2020.06  Full-time Researcher, Design Institute, Inje University
2011.09 – 2011.12  Part-time Lecturer, Hanbat University
2011.08 – 2012.08  Researcher, Korea Institute of Science and Techonology information
2011.03 – 2012.08  Part-time Lecturer, Gwangju University, One-kwang University
2009.03 - 2009.03  Research Assistant, Chiba University, Japan
2003. - 2005.          Designer, CG Design Lab
2002.03 – 2003.03  Research Assistant, Hanyang University

Research Areas

Visual Design. Environmental Design.
Package Design. UI/UX

Research Achievements

  • -A Study on the Improvement of Sign System for Urban Railway Station in Gwangju (Journal of Integrated Design Research, vol.19 no.1, 2020)
  • - A Study on the Evaluation of Earthquake Information Design for Foreigners (Journal of Communication Design, vol.70, 2020)
  • - Case Analysis and Proposal of Visual Installations for the Purpose of Improving the Awareness of Emotional Labor (Journal of Digital Convergence, vol.18, no.12, 2020)
  • - A Meta Analysis on Domestic Research Trends of Healthcare Design - Focusing on Articles of KCI Accredited Journals - (Journal of Integrated Design Research, vol.18 no.2, 2019)
  • - A Study on the Guidance Design for the Metro Station's Effective Sign Awareness ( The Journal of the Korea Contents Association, vol.19, no.1, 2019)
  • - A Study on User Evaluation about Package Design of Home Meal Replacement (Design Convergence Study, vol.18, no.1, 2019)
  • - A Study on the Activation Plan of Urban Beekeeping. (Society of Design Convergence, 2017)
  • - A Study on Preference of Smoking Booth Design. (The Korea Contents Association, 2017)
  • - Problem of the Medical Care Institution and Design Improvement by Consciousness Change as an Aging Society. (The Korean Society of Design Culture, 2015)
  • - A Study on Design of Home Blood-Pressure Measuring Instrument. (The Korean Society of Design Culture. 2014)
  • - A Study on Logo Design for Sensibility Communication of HSD. (The Korean Society of Design Culture, 2013)
  • - Use Estimation of UX Design by Considering Human Behavior Inducement. (KSBDA, 2013)
  • - A Sensibility Preference Research of Rehabilitation Walker Design for Elderly Disabled People. (KSBDA, 2013)