Kim, Seo-Young

Kim, Seo-Young

Ph.D. in Design, Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts, Lancaster University
MA in Design Futures, Dept. of Design, Goldsmiths, University of London
MA in Textile Design, Dept. of Fashion Design and Business, Chung-Ang University
BFA in Textile/Surface Design, School of Design, Otis College of Art and Design
2021.04 - Present Research Fellow, Design Institute, Inje University
2020.04 - Present Director, Fashion & Communication Lab
2001.09 - Present Lecturer, Chung-Ang University
2020.03 - 2020.12 Lecturer, Campus Town Business, Chung-Ang University
2019.05 - 2021.05 Committee Member in Future and Vision, Korean Costume and Fashion
2019.06 Workshop Proposal Reviewer, ‘Academy for Design Innovation Management International Conference 2019’, UK.
2019.04 Scientific Committee Member, ‘The 13th European Academy of Design International Conference’, UK.
2016.01 – 2016.06 Adjunct Professor, Service Convergence Design, Graduate School, SungKyunKwan University
                               Senior Research Associate, Creative Institute, College of Engineering, SungKyunKwan University
2012.01 - 2012.12 Research Associate, ImaginationLancaster, Lancaster University
2011.05 - 2011.09 Research Associate, Yonsei University
2001.06 - 2005.01 Design Manager, Co-Op Ltd.
2001.03 - 2018.12 Lecturer at Yonsei University; Kookmin University; Sejong University; Sookmyung Women’s University;                                  Sungshin Women’s University; Inha University; SADI

Research Areas

Design management, Strategic design, City brand, Museum brand, Visual merchandising

Research Achievements

- On the Value Propositioning of the Royal Costume Design Management: A Case Study of the Korean Film Sanguiwon (The Royal Tailor), International Journal of Costume and Fashion, Vol.20, No.1, pp. 1-9 (2020.06).
- Culture-Led City Branding: The Core Value of Design Reputation for Museums from an Interdisciplinary Approach, Korean Science and Art Forum, Vol.37, pp. 23-32 (2019.01).
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- City Branding through Fashion Museum as a Leverage, ‘2020 Korean Society of Costume Conference’, Online (2020.10.17).
- An Analysis of the Cross-Cultural Fashion Advertisement Campaigns for Luxury Brands via Digital Media, ‘2019 Korean Society of Costume International Conference’, Seoul (2019.10.26).
- Consumption of the Design of Museums in City Branding: Paris, London and New York City, ‘2018 Korea Association Of Cultural Economics Conference’, Seoul (2018.11.30).
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- Color Styling and National Branding Strategy for the Korean Cultural Industry-The Case of TV Drama ‘Palace S’, ‘DMI [KIDP] – Design Management Institute International Conference’, Seoul (2007.11.20).


- K-Culture Fashion Museums: A Visual Driver in Culture-Driven City Image Development,
  National Research Foundation of Korea (2019-2020).

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- Beyond the Castle, PROUD Project, ImaginationLancaster, Lancaster University (2012).

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- Store Brand Strategy for The NorthFace, Sookmyung Women’s University (2008).


- ‘2020 Korean Costume and Fashion Conference’ (Best Paper in Fashion Marketing, oral presentation, 2020).