Information Design Lab

Research on information design, infographics, sign system, and
healthcare design utilizing digital and printing media

Paik, Jin-Kyung

+82-55-320-3661, +82-2-2270-0999

BFA in Application Art, Seoul National University
MFA in Graphic Design, University of Michigan
Doctorate in Design, Sejong University
Founder & Director, Design Institute of Paik Hospital, Inje University
Professor, Visual Design, Inje University
Director, Design Institute, Inje University
Dean, College of Design, Inje University
Chief editor, Journal of Integrated Design Research, published by the Design Institute of Inje University

2002 - 2008 Supervisor, National Research Foundation,
The Center for Research Excellence on Digital Interaction Design
2011 - 2020 Supervisor, National Research Foundation,
The Center for Research Excellence on Integrated u-Healthcare Design
2012 - 2015 Project leader, Healthcare Service Design Development Program
which was supported by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy

Vice-chairperson for research, Korean Society of Design Science
Vice-president, Korean Society of Healthcare Design
Auditor & Chairperson of the thesis editing and the publication committee, Korea Society of Color Studies
Director, Korea Multimedia Society
IASDR Organizing Committee member
Review Board, National Research Foundation
Design Committee member, Seoul Metropolitan Government
Master Planner for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Design Seoul Streets Project in Jung-gu, Seoul

Research areas

Foundation for maintaining ideas by collecting, arranging, and processing a range of design information in order to set basic concepts of design
Research on editorial design, sign system design and design for healthcare environment

Research Achieve ments

A Study of User Research on the Improvement of Menu Design for Inpatient Diet (2017)
Package Design Proposal to Improve Medical Information Transmission on Regular Medicine Sold in Convenience Stores (2016)
Branding for TV Channel Focusing on Well-being Lifestyle of Green Consumers (2016)
Design improvement based on the analysis of informational materials for university hospital inpatient hospitalization (2015)
A Study on Effective Information Delivery of Digital Sign Systems in General Hospitals (2015)
Service Design Proposals for Improving the Usage of a Standard Plastic Garbage Bag of Seoul City (2015)
Improving the Usability of Body Composition Analyzer Examination Reports from the Information Visualization Perspective (2014)

University-industry collaboration areas

Editorial Design, Web Design, Information Design, Sign System Design, Identity Design (Sign & Interior System Establishment)
Healthcare Design