Informational Environment Lab

Developing a range of concepts and interfaces for
informational environment based on ubiquitous environment

Park, Hey-Kyng


BFA and MFA in Painting, Seoul National University
Undergraduate and MS in Interior Design, Drexel University
Ph.D. in Architectural Engineering, Kyungpook National University

Researcher, The engineering research center at Waseda University / Assistant, Drexel University
Department head, Ccumim Design
Manager, INX Design
Director, MID Design
Director, Korean Society of Design Science
Vice-president, Korean Exhibition Society
President of the Busan branch, Korean Society of Interior Architects
Designers Member, Busan Architecture Deliberation Committee
Director, Smart home UID project
Director, Healthcare USD project
Advisor, EOS
Committee members, Architecture/Urban planning/Provincial
park/Traffic impact deliberation for Gyeongsangnam-do
Committee members, Advertisement deliberation/Urban planning for Gimhae City
Advisory member, Busan Port EXPO Promotion Committee

Research areas

The utility of computer-based 3D simulation techniques for user-centered scientific designs
Development of a range of concepts and interfaces for informational environment based on the ubiquitous environmental paradigm

Research Achieve ments

Study of Nursing Home’s Color Environment according to Space Function (2017)
User Evaluation and Needs on Color of Functional Element in Lobby of General Hospitals (2017)
Comparative Analysis of Environment Design Checklist at Exhibition Facilities Based on Physical Characteristics of the Elder - Focused on Korea and Japan - (2016)
Analysis of Public Library Color Environment according to Space Function - Focused on Busan City (2016)
Cross-Cultural Study on the Health Room Environment Color - Focused on the Korean and Malaysian (2015)
Technology acceptance of healthcare e-learning modules: A study of Korean and Malaysian students’ perceptions (2015)
A Comparison between Korean and Chinese Tendency of Color Image Preferences on Korean Tourist Hotels (2014)

University-industry collaboration areas

Exhibition: Designing and supervising exhibitions at EXPO, industrial exhibitions, corporate PR centers, showrooms, museums, exhibition centers, and experience booths
Interior design: Designing and supervising shops, hospitals, and cultural complexes
Training and educational exhibition: 3D-related computer programs such as Autocad, 3DS MAX, Lightscape, Pytha, and Photoshop