Man made Environment Lab

Product design and Development
(home appliances, industrial equipments, medical supplies)

Yang, Sung-Ho


BS in Industrial Design, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
MA in Interaction Design, Umea University
Ph.D. in Interaction Design, Kookmin University
Product design team, Dongyang Magic Inc.
M.I Design Inc.

Research areas

Designing and developing consumer products
(home appliances, industrial equipments, IT products, medical supplies)
Physical user interface design between users and products/p>

Research Achieve ments

A Study on Design-guidelines to Redefine Cane Design for the First Time Users (2017)
Comparative Evaluation Study with Axillary Crutch Design Variations (2016)
Comparative evaluation of electromyography activity and user-perceived level with crutch design variations (2015)
Design of an Eco-Friendly Body Board for Teenagers (2015)
The Design of a Convertible Garment for Bicycle Users (2014)
Digital Media User Interface Design

University-industry collaboration areas

Product design and development
(home appliances, industrial equipments, medical supplies)
Product design and advice for small and medium-sized businesses