Water Front Lab

Aesthetically understanding and interpreting the conflicts arising from
the demand for new activities and unctions of surrounding spaces,
rather than the physical elements constituting the existing order and
space such as structures, proportions, materials, textures, and colors

Son, Kwang-Ho

+82-55-320-3661, +82-55-320-3890

BA in Interior Design, University of Houston
MA in Interior Design, Pratt Institute Graduate School
Ph.D. in Architecture, Gyeongsang National University
Advisory committee member, Gimhae City urban design
Operational committee member, the 2001 Busan Architectural Awards
Director, Korean Institute of Interior Design
Visiting professor, Arizona State University
Director, Korean Institute of Interior Design

Research areas

Planning, conducting research, and applying public waterfront environment adaptable to new paradigms

Research Achieve ments

- The Effect of preference color of children's hospital lobby on the visual attention (2016)
- A Study on Visual Attention on Color Perception by Visitors of Children's Hospital (2016)
- A Study on Analysis of Components and Color Characteristics of History·Culture Streets -focused on Street of Gaya in Gimhae- (2015)
- A Proposal for Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design for Making Safe Residential Environment - Focusing on Alleys in the Residential Area of Busan - (2014)
- An Evaluation of Spetial Recognition and the Accessibility of Passenger Facilities within Korean High-Speed Railway Stations (2013)
- A Characteristic of Visual Spatial Navigation for Way-finding in General Hospital Lobby (2013)

Univerisity-industry collaboration areas

Planning healthcare design
Planning and constructing designs for religious and performance spaces
Consulting for space designs