Lee, Eun-Jung

Lee, Eun-Jung


Ph.D. in Political Science, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
MA in Political Science, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
BA in Political Science, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

2020.07. - present   Research Professor, Design Institute, Inje University
2017.05. - 2020.06.  Fulle-time Researcher, Design Institute, Inje University
Director, The Korean Association of Party Studies
Editing secretary, Editorial committee, The Korean Political Science Association
Lecturer, Inje University, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, etc.

Research Areas

Social science methodology, Political economy, Feminism,
Integrated study of design and political science

Research Achievements

- Methodological Characteristics of Korean Healthcare Design Research (Journal of Integrated Design Research, vol.19 no.2, 2020)

- Climate Change and Digital Media (Journal of AI Humanities, vol.6, 2020)

- A Meta Analysis on Domestic Research Trends of Healthcare Design - Focusing on Articles of KCI Accredited Journals - (Journal of Integrated Design Research, vol.18 no.2, 2019)
- A Study on the Color of Ballot Papers in Korean Public Election - Ballot Paper Simulation from Color Anomalies’ Point of View (Design Convergence Study, vol.17 no.6, 2018)
- An Experimental Study on the Design of the Korean Ballot Paper - Problems of the Regulations of the Public Official Election Act - (Design Convergence Study, vol.17 no.3, 2018)
- “2.85 Grams of Paper Stone for Democracy: A Study on the Normative Goals and Practical Design Principles of Ballot Paper.” Legislative Studies 23:3 (Seoul, Korea, 2017), 147-182. (Joint Authorship)
- “Neoliberal Accumulation Strategy and Female Workers’ Sterilization in South Korea: An Exploratory Applications of Structural Equation Model.” Korean Political Science Review 50:1 (Seoul, Korea, 2016), 155-183. - “Election.” Democratic Citizenship Education Module (Seoul, Korea: National Election Commission, 2016). (Joint Authorship)
- “Possibility of Multimethodological Approach: Combining the Methodological Conventions of Empiricism and Critical Realism.” Joint Conference of the Association of Comparative Democratic Studies and the Institute of Global - Politics. (Seoul, Korea, Dec. 2015).
- “Neoliberal Accumulation Strategy and Korean Female Workers’ Sterilization: An Exploratory Applications of Structural Equation Model.” The Fall Conference of the Korean Political Science Association. (Seoul, Korea, Oct. 2015).