Choi, In-Young

Choi, In-Young


Ph.D. in Interior & Environmental Design, Pusan National University
MS in Interior & Environmental Design, Pusan National University
BS in Interior & Environmental Design, Pusan National University
2020.07 – present  Full-time Researcher, Design Institute, Inje University
2019.01 – 2020.06  Designer, Soy Architecture
2015.01 – 2018.12  Research Professor, BK21+ Healthcare USD Research Group, Inje University
2012.09 – 2014.12  Full-time Lecturer, Department of Interior& Environmental Design, Pusan National University
2009.06 – 2011.02  Researcher, Institute of Ecology for the Elderly, Pusan National University
2005.11 – 2008.01  Designer, PDM Partners.

Research Areas

Interior Design, Behavior Studies(Evidence Based Design)
Design Environment Assessment, Community Design

Research Achievements

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