VR Media Simulation Lab

Space simulation and prior simulation assessment of
various aspect as well as space structural analysis

Kim, Suk-Tae


BE and MA in Architecture, Kookmin University
Ph.D. in Architectural Engineering, Hanyang University
Planning team, Minwoo Total Architecture and Design Firm
Design team, Seoul Architecture and Design Firm
Addplus design partner / Director at My Tech. Group
Editorial member, Journal of Integrated Design Research
Operations director, Korean Society of Healthcare Design

Research areas

Architectural Remodeling and Construct Management
Space, Daylight, Urbanscape Simulation
3D based Virtual Community
Relationship Knowledge-base
Object Orient Space Library

Research Achieve ments

A Study on Certification Method of Health and Barrier Free Environment by the BIM for Aged Person - With Sanitary Facilities of Elderly Housing Facility - (2017)
Study on the Network System between of the Outpatient and Central Treatment Department of Long Term Care Hospitals (2016)
Sign System Visibility Evaluation Study of General Hospital Outpatient Division Applied with Multidimensional Visual Analysis Theory - Focusing on unspecific moving in Public Space - (2015)
A Study on the Guidance Signage System of Outpatient in General Hospital using Spatial Configuration Theory - View from G.D.Weisman's Way-finding Influence Factors (2015)
A Study on the Functional Area Composition and Correlation Factors of Elderly Care Floor in Nursing Home (2015)
A Study on Spatial Configuration of Central Medical Treatment Part and Outpatient Part at Geriatric Hospital according to Function and Corridor Type (2015)
A Study on the Spatial Configuration of Elderly Care Facilities according to Function and Corridor Type (2014)
A Study on Design of Home Blood-Pressure Measuring Instrument -A Sensibility Estimation Survey of Blood-Pressure Measuring Instrument and Preference Research on Design- (2014)

University-industry collaboration areas

3rd Party Library CAD System development
Building Remodeling & Interior Design
Space, Daylight, Urbanspace Simulation
3D Base Web Contents Design
Relation Ship Design Knowledge-base development