Special Effect Lab

Technical development of various methods for
expressing images and utilizing media Experimental expression of
real images & animation Utilization of digital media

Paik, Jae-Hun


BA in Arts and MA in Advertisement Designs,
Hongik University Assistant Director, Yeongsangin Production
Director, Ian Production
Jury member, International Computer Graphic Championship/Kookmin Card Cyber Challenge

Research areas

Studying experimental expression of real images and animation,
which is based on substantial understanding and technological
developments of various methods for expressing images and utilizing media

Research Achieve ments

- A Study on Creative Expression Based on Viral Advertisement of Moving Images (2014)
- A Study on the Visual Contents-utilization for Domestic Medical Institution’s Public Relation (2014)
- A study on the Development of Cultural Contents by Making an Animentary showing Gimhae City`s Old tales (2012)
- A study on the present condition for the application of the college`s public relation-contents of moving images -Focused on the four-year colleges` data in Busan- (2012)

University-collaboration areas

Image production and media utilization for enhancing images of corporations