About JIDR

Founded in February 2000, the Design Institute of Inje Univeristy aims to realize the industrialization of digital interaction design (DID) based on the strategy for producing "Good Design" enhancing human-oriented interactions. The Institute has two branches, one in Chungmu-ro, Seoul and the other in Gimhae where Inje University is located.

The Seoul branch serves as a hub for reflecting the newest trends of design and assists the institute in operating a number of university-industry collaborative projects as well as various programs for education.
Featuring state-of-the-art equipments, the Gimhae branch serves as a design lab, providing practical support for research and education related to the areas of healthcare, information & communication, engineering, etc. The design institute has pursued human-centered designs based on scientific evidences. This approach can be categorized into two tracks, human & computer interactions and human-centered designs. In addition, the institute has put all its efforts into establishing itself as an academic foundation.

The Journal of Integrated Design Research (JIDR), formerly the Journal of Digital Interaction Design (DID) launched in January 2002, is a peer-reviewed journal in design. The title of DID is the acronym for Digital Interaction Design. Around 2000, the terms ‘digital’ and ‘interaction’ were key concepts in design. Therefore, the title of DID included these terms with the its goal of pursuing human-centered design within a newly emerging paradigm. In August 2002, the institute was selected as Korea's first Center for Research Excellence in the field of art and sports, which had been financially supported by the National Research Foundation of Korea. This allowed the journal to cover a wide range of interdisciplinary and collaborative research with other disciplines such as psychology, business administration, statistics, philosophy, human engineering, healthcare, clothing & textiles, and architecture. As a result, an increasing number of papers were submitted not only from design but also from other disciplines. In 2015, the Journal of Integraded Design Research became a accredited journal to be included in the National Research Foundation of Korea.

The terms of ‘digital’ and ‘interaction’ have become everyday concepts even in design. Our design environment has also expanded accordingly. Therefore, reflecting the need of today's design environment and researchers in design, the institute decided to change its title of "Journal of Digital Interaction Design" to "Journal of Integrated Design Research" in 2014, marking a milestone and allowing us to continue to cover a wide range of convergence research in the interdisciplinary fields.