Public Space Design Lab

Developing and designing urban public designs, signs and urban sign systems,
and city identities

Choi, In-Kyu


BFA and MFA in Industrial Design, Seoul National University
Researcher, Design Center, Central Institute of Technological Research, Kia Motors
Researcher, Department of Design, College of Fine Arts, Seoul National University
Development of industrial web color systems, Korea Color and Fashion Trend Center (2002)
Development of color education content, Korea Society of Color Studies (2002)
Development of CD strategic models to enhance competitiveness of Korean companies, Korea Institute of Design Promotion (2000)
Study on structural trends, Korea Institute of Design Promotion (2000)

Research areas

Featuring equipments and facilities to digitize human behavioral data and apply 3D characters & models to multimedia content such as animations, games, multimedia titles, and websites

Research Achieve ments

A Study on the Adoption System and Application Methods of the Context of History, Culture and Ecology in Urban Design (2014)
The Need for Web Style Guide and a case study of this the Development in the Domestic University Web sites (2002)
Study on the type and applicative methods of digital media sign in view of semiotics (2002)
In the Study of Theoretical Formation Process of Edutainment (2002)

University-industry collaboration areas

Developing the titles of edutainmet related to 3D based education and games
Designing and offering advice for Internet-related businesses and animation production companies
Designing motion-capture animations
Character design
Game design