Human Environment Interaction Lab

Studying environmental psychology and interior spaces by
analyzing mutual interactions between human behaviors and interior spaces.

Paik, Ji-Won


BA in Philosophy, Konkuk University
MFA in Interior Design, Savannah College of Art and Design
2009 - 2011  CEO, Arin design
2007 - 2008  Head, Design team, Design Business Branch, Jeha Construction
2005 - 2011  Adjunct professor in Interior Design, Inje University
2005 - 2007  Head, Design team, Nara D&D
2002 - 2000  Designer, Joongang Design

Research areas

Mutual interactions between human behaviors and interior spaces
Space culture and environmental psychology
Environmental design and green design

Research Achieve ments

- Color Image Analysis of Paticipatory Applied School Restroom (2016)
- A Study of Space Functional Transformation in Religious Architecture (2015)
- Color Image Analysis of Kuma Kengo's Natural Architecture : Focused on Projects Described in His Book, 'Natural Architecture' (2015)
- A Research on the Analysis of Academic Research Tendency in Children's Facilities Design (2012)
- Academic Research Tendency Analysis in Children's Educational Facilities and Educational Environment Design (2012)

University-industry collaboration areas

Planning commercial spaces and medical/welfare facilities
Basic and instructional design
Inspecting construction