Design Venture Lab

Studying venture business models in the industry of design

Yoo, Yeon-Sik


BA in Engineering Design, Seoul National University
MA in Product Design, Hongik University
Ph.D. in Interaction Design, Kookmin University
Former guidance member/jury member/jury head for the SME design
innovation support program, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
Inaugurating designer, Gyeongnam Industrial Design Exhibition
Hyundai Motors Design Center
212 design firm
STAFF design firm

Research areas

Research on venture business models in the industry of design
Research on the development and exploration of new models for future-oriented venture business

Research Achieve ments

A study of educational experiment about “Methods of Reverse Semantic Language” for Ingenious Product formative design (2014)
A Study on the Vocabulary type of Attribute Concepts in Modern Design -The meaning of terminology on product design- (2013)
study on educational content for industrial design-language through defining the concept of design-language (2011)
Study on the Meaning of the Term, 'Interaction Design' (2010)

University-collaboration areas

Research and evaluating structural psychology of products
Developing automobile designs
Developing consumer product designs
Developing product designs for small and medium-sized businesses